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Claims Prevention and Procedure Council is an organization of moving companies and repair firms committed to preventing claims and making the claim process as smooth as possible.
American Moving & Storage Association is geared to help people in any phase of a move. AMSA keeps the industry abreast of changes, and provides education for people working in the moving industry.
Winks Hardware
Winks is THE hardware store in Portland. If they don't have it, then you probably will be ordering it off the internet.
Woodcrafters is a local store, not to be confused with the national chain. They have a unique selection for woodworkers and carry many supplies that I used to mail order.
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
We are fortunate to have a Rockler in Beaverton, Oregon. The website shows everything that Rockler sells for the woodworker. They have many hard-to-find parts and alternate solutions for mechanisms that sometimes get broken in a move.
Hippo Hardware
Hippo Hardware is uniquely "Portland". The lighting department is unbelievable. They have many truly "original" parts that you will not find anywhere else. This is the hardware store of last resort if you need an old piece of hardware.
Replacements, Ltd.
Replacements Limited has the best selection and organized warehouse of replacement china. They are the first place to check for replacement china.
If you deal with antiques or collectibles of any type, Kovels is an excellent resource for you.
Mohawk Finishing Products
Mohawk is the largest US manufacturer of on-site finishing touchup supplies. Woodcrafters carries most of Mohawk's products locally.
Woodfinisher's Depot
Woodfinisher's Depot manufactures finishing and touch up supplies for our industry. I have found their products to be consistently high quality and their customer service to be outstanding.
Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant
Growing up in an Italian/Greek neighborhood, I know good pizza. This is the best pizza in Portland. My favorite is to order a Vegetarian with the green pepper cooked on it and add pepperoni and/or sausage to the pizza, instructing them to leave the sliced uncooked tomatoes off.
Old Spaghetti Factory
The Old Spaghetti Factory was started right here in Portland. Our favorite one is right on the river, just south of Portland.
PopUp Explorer
This is one of our favorite camping web sites. You can reach Dean Babb through this site. He moderates Popup Explorer. I serve as an editor for this magazine.
MITCH Public Charter School
I am serving my fourth term on the MITCH Board, and am the current Chair. Our four boys attend or have graduated from MITCH,which educates K-8 in the Tigard-Tualatin School District.
Southwest Bible Church
We gather with fellow Christians to worship and minister here, but our walk with God is seven days a week.