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Transit damage claim process


Why is Image Restoration, Inc. coming to my house? How can Image Restoration, Inc. be a neutral third party when they are being paid by the movers?

A mover asks Image Restoration, Inc. to inspect a claim because the mover needs to have a neutral third party verify the damage and summarize the claim in a report that meets moving industry standards. Since a repair firm is not a ministry, somebody has to pay for the service. The moving companies have developed a level of trust with repair companies, and are willing to pay for the professional evaluation as one of the steps toward the resolving the claim. This arrangement is far better than requesting the shipper find a company and pay for the inspection. If your mover has asked you to find a company, look for one that is a member of the Claims Prevention & Procedure Council http://www.claimsnet.org/ because you are more likely to find a repair firm that knows how to prepare a meaningful report and understands how to repair transit damage.

What will happen during the first appointment?

The first step is to individually review each item in the order you listed it on the claim form. The movers rigorously follow the order of the claim form. Image Restoration, Inc. will have you point out the claimed damage, then copiously note the damage, take measurements of the item, and photograph the overall unit and photograph details of the damage.

After we have reviewed every item on the claim form, then we review the inventory sheets, if you have them avaiable. The earth will not stop spinning if you don't have your inventory sheets, but Image Restoration, Inc's report will better anticipate the adjuster's questions if they can be reviewed during the inspection appointment.

The next step is to review each item to clarify options toward resolution. Image Restoration, Inc. never forces a repair on anybody. We respect your wishes regarding your belongings.

Often, the movers give authority for Image Restoration, Inc. to proceed with repairs. If repairs are feasible and desired, your craftsman comes ready to begin the most logical repairs that will make getting settled easier.