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Oregon Seal in the Capitol

Attempting to change the way Oregon does Business


On Friday, January 14, 2011, Gordon sent this letter to legislators in Oregon:
On July 1, 2010, Oregon House Bill 3242, passed by the 2007 Legislature, became effective, requiring all commercial contractors in Oregon to carry workers compensation insurance, even owner-operated businesses without employees. If my company purchased workers’ compensation insurance, it would have added over $ 2,000.00 to our annual overhead, and required intensive bookkeeping to keep track of the type of work I am performing each time I change a task during every workday.

When I contacted the Small Business Ombudsman, David Waki (503) 947-7879 about the impact this law would have on my business, he told me my company could alternately register as a “non-exempt” commercial contractor and obtain “If Any” insurance. “If Any” insurance is purchased to provide worker’s compensation insurance at a much higher rate if any employees are ever hired, without providing worker’s compensation insurance on the owner. For my business, the “If Any” insurance costs $ 524.00 per year. This money is sent to an out of state company. It is “insurance” which provides no coverage whatsoever, and needlessly adds to the overhead of my business.

This is an example of the state legislature imposing laws making it more difficult to operate businesses in Oregon. I am asking you to sponsor legislation to repeal 2007 Enrolled House Bill 3242 SECTION 15 (5), which strikes at the heart of family-owned businesses.
Follow-up on this story is that the Association of General Contractors lobbied to get a bill passed to address these inequities, but Representative Mike Schaufler took personal responsibility for killing House Bill 3612 in 2011, despite the fact that it was co-sponsored by nine Republicans and 5 Democrats.

We tried again in 2012, but the proposed bill died in committee once again, so Image Restoration, Inc. gave up our CCB license. Any work performed on building structures is now performed by Gordon Fiddes as an employee of Artek, rather than through Image Restoration, Inc.